2D CAD Drawing Services

We act as ‘The Drawing Office’ providing 2D drawing services which are ideal for for our customers who don’t have their own facility, and provide extra capacity for those who require help with peaks in their workload.

2D Drafting is still largely used for the production of schematics. Schematic Drawings are clearly detailed diagrams of an electrical or mechanical system. They are a top-level focus drawing and describe how something works and/or how individual parts interface.

Thousands of hand drawn layouts still remain untouched in basements and archive rooms, often not unearthed until redevelopment of existing services are required. Deans Design Services provides many of it’s clients with a simple tracing exercise converting these older 2D microfilm and paper based drawings into digital masters.


This is what might be considered as CAD drafting in its basic form but none the less, accuracy is a very important part of the process. Taking existing record drawings and using traditional and conventional drafting methods, the existing drawings are completely redrawn in CAD. This method should not be confused with raster to vector scanning, both methods have their uses. These drawings are scaled from the original documents and the results are a cleaner, more accurate and usable electronic CAD file.

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