We use specialist lighting design software that is industry approved, this allows us to produce high quality lighting designs that meet our
clients lighting requirements.

We assess the impact of shadowing effects due to steelwork structures and vessels etc. We also mount the light fittings strategically to avoid obstruction and utilise the best mounting height to achieve the best LUX levels in an area.

Our Lighting design software produces value added reports to indicate LUX levels within each area of a building, pinpointing LUX levels at several intervals on a calculated floor surface. Our lighting reports include isolines and false colour affects caused by light being inhibited by structures and equipment.

As part of all our lighting designs, we assess the impact and requirement for Emergency Lighting in order to achieve the correct lux levels, this is crucial in the event of a power outage on site or an emergency evacuation situation.

We are also able to produce Lighting schematics which show the full circuit from a source such as a distribution board out to each field light fitting including light test switching arrangements.

Good lighting is essential to any building. An effective design is not just about introducing light into a space, but rather an appreciation of how the space will be used. A good lighting design is intertwined with the building that it is only noticed in its absence.

Deans Design Services have expert lighting designers that can produce lighting designs for a variety of applications, Indoor and Outdoor.

We look at the nature of light and introducing different lamps and light fittings available such as high bay lighting and LED light fittings, we provide room-by-room analysis and can provide lighting control panels if required, to provide a fully automatic and maintained system with minimal human intervention.