Do your archived drawings and documents take up too much space?

Every day your paper drawings and documents are left on the shelf they are deteriorating and once they are damaged beyond repair its too late.

We offer a fully comprehensive archive scanning service where we will take your drawings/documents and scan them.

Once scanned into digital format we can put them onto CD disc or on hard drive and can even upload them onto your cloud for you.

Giving you peace of mind that your valuable drawings/documents are safe and sound and easily stored on the media of your choice.

Colour Scanning              Black & White Scanning

A0 – £12.00                                     A0 – £9.50

A1 – £10.00                                        A1 – £8.00

A2 – £6.50                                       A2 – £5.00

A3 – £4.00                                       A3 – £3.00

*All prices exclude VAT

Note: Above rates are for year 2020 and prices may vary for the following year.