Deans Designs also provide a professional paper to CAD conversion and redrafting service.

All drawings are redrafted by hand to create dimensionally accurate, layered, ready to use electronic CAD files. This service is ideal for legacy drawings that need modifications for use in new design projects.

Deans Designs CAD standards applies to all drawings unless the client’s organisation has their own standards for line colours, layers, title blocks, drawing borders etc. We assure the highest degree of quality and accuracy for each converted CAD drawing. Once a conversion is complete it is checked to ensure it is accurate before we re-issue the drawings back to our client. We also offer a PDF to CAD conversion service.

We also offer a Scanning service where paper copies can be converted to PDF and further worked on to create a raster image in CAD so the drawing can be traced over. This is beneficial where no deletions are required on the original drawing.

furthermore, Deans Designs are able to take the scanned raster file and convert this into an AutoCAD drawing format where each pixel from the scan is recognised to build up the original drawing. This gives usable AutoCAD file that can be used to delete lines and add new information to the drawing.