We can convert individual drawings or projects or provide you with a quotation to convert your complete library of parts. You might of been working with 2D CAD for a number of years but now your customers would like to see a 3D Image of their product, or you might of just upgraded to a 3D CAD system but do not have the time to convert you parts library to suit your CAD package.

Why would a 2D to 3D CAD Conversion be required

There can be several reasons for this demand such as:

Updating existing stock drawings into a modern 3D format

Create a 3D Printable format

Create a 3D Model file to be imported into a modern CNC machine


What information do we require for the CAD conversion

2D DXF or DWG files

Paper drawings

What do we deliver

This depends very much on your requirement and the reason for this conversion process. We would usually provide:

3D CAD Models in STP/IGES format

New Drawings in PDF or DWG/DXF format

Images in JPG, PNG format