Deans Designs produce Fire Alarm layouts that meet BS or NFPA standards and compliant with BS 9999:2017 Fire safety in the design, management and use of buildings. Code of practice.

Our layouts show positions and types of fire protection devices such as sprinkler systems, dry riser pipe routes etc. We can also show positions of fire detection devices such as smoke detectors, smoke alarms, break glass panels etc.

In the past we have produced fire layouts which clearly identify several zones within a building by showing hatched lines on a site plan layout with numbered fire zones, this corresponds to the fire zone on the fire alarm panel (FAP) and provides the Emergency Fire and Rescue service with a graphical representation of where the fire alarm is active in a potentially burning building. The fire layouts can also be used for staff induction purposes where new employees or company visitors who are not familiar within a building layout can look at a fire layout which clearly identifies where all the emergency exits are within the building and where fire extinguishers are located. This can be expanded further by showing fire lanes particularly in larger commercial buildings.