Who area we?

Deans Design Services Limited is a UK based, Multi-disciplinary CAD Outsourcing Design Company. We have a team of CAD Designers and Engineers who produce and array of different types of 2D CAD Drawings and 3D Models to suit many industries and applications.

We take continuous steps to improve our 2D and 3D design processes and those of our clients immensely serious. Excellent processes are the foundation to our successful strategy to streamline project management.

Our History

Deans Designs was formed in July 2013, setup to provide professional and reliable 2D and 3D CAD design services to companies within the UK. We are situated on the outskirts of Chester, in the North West; a primary location for providing engineering services to the Northern Powerhouse.

Our Mission

Consistent Quality  Our focus is to provide our clients with consistent quality. We have developed multiple processes to ensure our deliverables of the same quality every time, so our clients know what to expect and can rely on us. We follow the standards set out in ISO 9001.

Regular Communication We do not make assumptions – we will pick up the phone, email or request a screen share. We strongly believe that regular communication is the key to a successful project.

We spend a lot of time refining processes with our clients. Deans Design Services is always open to improvements either by our clients giving us feedback or we are providing our client’s honest feedback.

Timely delivery Deans Design Services always provides a lead time and strive to keep it. Any factors that might delay our submission are made known instantly. We keep our clients updated during the project regularly with the progress, so they always know what is going on.

Our Work

We specialise in Mechanical & Electrical Design for both private and public sectors. Our professionally qualified staff have experience working across various industrial Engineering sectors, and aim to provide high quality and detailed drawings.

We use the latest software AutoCAD software packages allows us to produce designs that are both accurate and cost effective.

Through an online portal, we are able to successfully and securely send and receive drawings from our clients for validation. This gives us greater flexibility when reaching out to clients on a national and international scale.